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  • Idea
  • Design
  • Presentation
The creation of an aesthetic and functional design is impossible without knowledge of the tastes and preferences of the customer. Before starting the project, we hold one or several meetings with the customer to find out his preferences. In the work we take into account all the recommendations and requirements of the customer. If you already have an interior plan - share it with our experts, and we will help you to realize your ideas in life by formalizing them in the form of a professional design project. If you find it difficult to come up with your wishes, we will offer you several options to choose from, which you can correct to your cup of tea. If you wish, you can take part in the work on the interior - we will support your ideas and help with their professional implementation.
First of all, the quality of design is determined by the convenience of its use. In most cases, the client pays attention to the aesthetic side of the project above all others, and only after the implementation he can evaluate its functionality. However, beauty without practical convenience is meaningless, so the designer needs to think in advance both aspects. In our work we consider this moment and in every project we try to provide a harmonious combination of aesthetics and convenience. The comfort of the client is our task of prime importance. Addressing us for the project, the customer can count on a harmonious combination of aesthetic form and practical content. In each project, we try to find a balance between these two components.
The most important stage in the development of an interior design is the creation of a 3D model of the room in real size. This is necessary to visually evaluate the future result. It is performed as a full three-dimensional modeling, as well as volumetric rendering - the creation of a two-dimensional raster image based on the existing three-dimensional model. The customer can evaluate how his apartment or office will look after repairs, from different angles. Modeling is carried out using the most modern tools, so that it becomes possible to achieve the maximum realism and accuracy of the planning. The three-dimensional model takes into account all the nuances, to the extent of the degree of illumination of the room and the location of light sources.
After the development of the design and the creation of a three-dimensional model, the final result is provided to the customer. We could do worse than heed that in the process of creating a model, it is possible to refine the original project, make corrections and improvements - so if the customer wishes to somehow change the original design, he can report his wishes at the stage of 3D modeling of the object. Designers will take into account his wishes in the work. During the presentation of the finished model, designers also voice recommendations for the implementation of the project - the selection of materials, technology, and so on. The customer will receive not only the interior design, but also practical advice on the translation of design development into action.
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  • 3 variants of re-planning
  • Functional zoning of placements, furnishing
  • Sketches on site
  • Consultation on the style choice
  • Selection of materials

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design project
  • 3-5 variants of re-planning
  • Functional zoning of placements, furnishing
  • Construction drawings
  • Selection of materials




services at choice
  • 3-5 variants of re-planning
  • Functional zoning of placements, furnishing
  • 3D-visualization of the interior
  • 2 adjustment cycles
  • Construction drawings
  • Selection of materials
  • + 1 month of designer supervision FREE




design project
  • 3-5 variants of re-planning
  • Functional zoning of placements, furnishing
  • 3D-visualization of the interior
  • 2 adjustment cycles
  • Selection of materials




  • Complete equipment with components
  • Designer supervision
  • Home remodeling
  • Smart Home System
  • Home Cinema Systems
  • Video observation systems
  • Multiroom and background sound
  • HI-FI and HI-END
  • Networks and Internet
  • Power supply
  • LED lightening

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About KAD Interior Design Studio

8 years on the Ukrainian market

We work with companies (including The Penthouse Club, Ciro Pomodoro and others), as well as with private individuals.

Team KAD joins qualified architects, engineers and designers.

Our main principle is a customer-centric approach. We will realize all your plans, creating a unique interior on a “turnkey” basis.

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Our team

Levchenko Gleb


Designing and development of public and residential placements

Getman Anton

Automation Systems Engineer

The developer of innovative systems *Smart home *, home theaters.

Semykina Tatiana


Specialist in interior design of residential and public buildings.

Fadeeva Ksenia


Master of Painting and Decor.


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