An apartment design in a newbuild – an area where you are able to afford the freedom of ideas and means of their implementation. Apartments in modern houses of primary building are characterized by a wide variability in planning, the possibility of a comparatively simple change in it – and generally speaking they practically do not limit the imagination of the designer. Nevertheless, when developing a design in a newbuild, the owner of the apartment will find it difficult to do without a specialist.

While purchasing an apartment of primary building, not everyone thinks about the possible “hidden rocks” of repair work in such an apartment. And in most cases (if you, of course, do not buy a house on a “turnkey” basis) you cannot do without repair work.

Features of repair work in a newbuild without finishing

Most often an apartment in a newbuild is purchased without any finishing and even without the communication lines. This causes certain difficulties, such as:

  • identification of sites for supply of communication lines;
  • location and configuration of “wetcore areas” – areas where water supply will be made;
  • coordination of air conditioning and ventilation requirements;
  • determination of bearing walls and structures (if there is a need for redevelopment of the apartment).

Areas where the pipes will be put, radiators for heating are installed, electrical wiring is to be determined in advance and to plan the interior design, based on their location. This is a very important planning stage, during which it will be necessary to seek compromises between technical capabilities and own convenience. It is what should begin with when planning an interior in an apartment without finishing.

It is equally important to determine the exit points of the ventilation holes – it is important to ensure that they are not obstructed by anything in the project.

If the apartment owner wishes to make a redevelopment, it is necessary to find out in advance the location of the bearing walls and structures in the apartment. Dismantling and transfer of load-bearing elements do not have a good effect on the condition of the building as a whole, and their uncontrolled movement can lead the building to an emergency condition. Therefore, any projects affecting the load-bearing walls must be agreed in advance. However, it is better to reduce such re-planning to a minimum, since the consequences of interference in load-bearing structures cannot bother the owners for a long time, and then suddenly manifest themselves.

On top of all of this, when developing a design from scratch, when only bare walls are in front your eyes, it is not easy to imagine how the finished interior will look and how it will function as a whole. Therefore, to work on repair and design in a newbuild it is better to invite a specialist.