In the interior design the emphasis is upon the space planning and the general concept development: style, colour grade and so on. However, not only “large” components of the project, but also small decorative details, that gently emphasize the common style and give the necessary tone, are important for the space design. The importance of the interior decoration must never be underestimated: what on the face of it appears like a small thing can change the perception of the entire ensemble.

General recommendations for modern interiors

Decorative elements are a natural part of the interior; they are simply “growing up” from a well-designed interior, looking harmoniously and don’t get out of the general mood. Thus, before deciding on the interior decoration, it is necessary to understand what the general space “vibe” is. It is evident that cotton curtains will look strange and inappropriate in high-tech style, and chrome lamp in “Provence”.

To successfully choose the decoration elements in the interior, it is worth remembering the main modern trends in the space design.

  1. Modern styles lean toward minimalism and simplicity. Does this mean that the decoration is irrelevant? Not at all! There will be less objects of decoration, however, each of them will be heavily responsible for the formation of the general atmosphere. In a minimalistic interior, each sculpture or curtain plays an important role by attracting attention and serving as an expressive accent. The simpler is the interior – the brighter the decoration “plays”!
  2. When decorating the “background” – ceiling and walls, modern designers shift away from complex ornaments and multicolour, preferring smooth, monochrome surfaces. Light shades, including white, are especially popular. Such a background creates a sense of light, width and space, not being “diluted” with colour accents though, it starts oppressing, creating an atmosphere of sterility and some “formality”. Obviously, a bright, impressive decoration plays an invaluable role in the “revival” of a too monotonous space. Pictures (especially modular ones), posters, printed photos and colour prints will suit perfectly for giving expression to white smooth walls. Suspended shelves with small items on them – statuettes, decorative candles and other things that make the house live and comfortable will be an interesting and at the same time practical solution.
  3. Flowerpots with live plants are an unusual variant of the walls “decoration”. They fit perfectly into Scandinavian and eco-styles. The main thing – do not forget that the plants are still alive, and don’t place flowerpots in too dark or airless rooms.
  4. The key point – don’t get into beyond all measure! Modern interior decoration excludes overloading with small details. There shouldn’t be a lot of elements – they will “interrupt” each other and create the appearance of disorganization and mess. Therefore, the motto of modern decoration styles is “less is better”. Do not overload the space, let each element “sound”.

Interior design and decoration: contemporary solutions

Modern design offers many original solutions for interior decoration. Here are some of them – already tested and approved by both apartment designers and owners:

  • colour prints and vinyl stickers. Excellent alternative to wallpapers. The print can depict anything, and be placed wherever you want. You can also print any image or pattern on vinyl stickers and paste them anywhere. Besides that, they can be pasted anew from place to place and washed. The advantages over the wallpapers are obvious!
  • geometric shapes. Practice shows that any object of geometric form can be inscribed in any modern interior. For instance, geometric bookshelves – triangular or rhombic – will look very original and stylish;

  • mirrors as an element of decoration. It is known that mirrors are able to create miracles with space, transforming it in the most unimaginable ways – depending on size and location. A mirror is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled designer. Then why should they be neglected? A variety of mirrored compositions will look incredibly stylish in modern interiors. A “mosaic” of mirror elements can be made; different mirrors, united by a common style of design can be originally composed; a window can be simulated with a mirror, decorating it with curtains, frames and shutters. Do not forget to think about what will be reflected in the mirrors – with the correct placement of mirrors, reflections in them can also be turned into an element of decoration;
  • split level lighting. The decorative potential of the split level lighting has been duly appreciated by designers. Multilayer lighting formed by light sources located in different places and at different levels, creates a soft, wraparound atmosphere, helps to focus attention on certain areas of the room and make it generally more “alive”. In such a manner, niches and apertures can be designed with built-in spotlights or framed with LED strip, and “common” lower lighting is created with the help of several symmetrically arranged floor lamps. Do not be afraid to experiment with split level lighting – different types and ways of locating fixtures will create new original effects.

If you want to decorate the interior of your apartment or house in a truly original and stylish way – contact the design studio KAD. The individual approach to each client is the principle of our studio. For each case, we develop a unique project taking into account the wishes and needs of a particular customer. Do you have any ideas? Tell us about them, and our designers will help you to transform them into the walls of your house. Perhaps you have your own design project? Share it with us, and we will help you to implement it on a professional level. Our studio guarantees a professional approach and exceptionally high quality of work.

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