We offer interior decoration services for a house, an apartment, a cafe, an office – any placement that requires a fresh and an original design. Professional approach, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the features of a particular placement.

Decoration is the process of designing a room in a certain style. Proper decoration can change any space almost out of all recognition! After all, it’s not only the arrangement of furniture and accessories, but also careful palette composition work, thinking through forms and textures, selecting materials. An important role is played by the arrangement of all decor elements with respect to light sources. In well-designed and intelligently realized interiors, the light “works” to emphasize the general style and create a certain atmosphere.

The first stage of the work is the placement evaluation. The specialist inspects the object and makes accurate measurements of the total area, width, height, estimates the location of the niches and their depth.

The second stage is the development of a general concept, the choice of style and color palette in accordance with the purpose of the room. At this stage a list of necessary furniture and accessories is made.

The third stage is the selection and purchase of specific decor elements.

The fourth stage is the allocation of furniture and accessories, possible zoning.

Services of the designer-decorator include:

  • placement inspection and evaluation;
  • advising on the color solution, the location of functional areas, the selection of furniture;
  • advising on the choice of finishing materials;
  • recommendations for the lighting formation;
  • making sketches and drawing of the finished object.