Two-storey penthouse

The object interior presented in the photos is currently under construction. The main idea in the development of the project was the creation of a classic modern white interior with bright color accents. Bright sky-blue color was chosen as an additional contrasting one.

The object is a double-storey penthouse. There is a swimming pool and a reception area on the first floor, there is a sitting area on the second floor. The modern minimalist style is the basis of the interior concept. When planning space, the principle of combining functional zones is used, which helps create a sense of a single space and rooms “flowing” into each other. Zoning is carried out using columns. Marble and natural materials dominate in the decoration – wood, vine and others. Also metal chrome-plated elements like lamps, stair steps, handrails are used in the design.

Background color in the interior of the first floor is white. Contrast color is sky-blue – furniture, accessories and decorative elements are in the sky-blue range. The decoration of the floor, walls and columns is made with slabs of natural white marble. The analogue of the fireplace zone decorated with a slab of dark blue agate is equipped in the living room.

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