Given design project was implemented in a house for a young family with four children. The task was to create a functional, cozy and at the same time original interior inspired by eclecticism. The isolated position of rooms allows to demonstrate eclecticism to the full extent, creating a unique design in each of the rooms.

Kitchen-dinner on the first floor tends to minimalism: the dominant background color is white; the second one is brown in sand to nut scale. Other colors (except occasional black inclusions) are not used in the interior. Such a scale creates a feeling of both spaciousness and comfort; the combination of windows wall-to-wall, letting in a lot of sunlight, and framing the windows of wooden panels.

It is worth paying attention that the living room is a “transformer” – its whole color scale varies depending on the lighting. In daylight, white predominates, in artificial light – brown. This effect is achieved due to the location of niche light sources.

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