The main task in the design of this interior was the combination of the Provence style and the elements of the castle architecture. The second component in the interior noticeably prevails, smoothly “flowing” into a different style in some areas. In this design, the combination of styles is carried out on the principle of eclecticism – elements of two different styles “superimpose” on one another without any transition zones and compromise options. To be noticed is that t this principle turned up to be a winning one: despite the seeming “mosaic”, the interior looks very well elaborate and harmonious.

A light shade of sand was chosen as the general color background. This color is almost universal and perfectly matches both with dark brown, prevailing in the “castle” zone, and with white, in the elements of the Provence style. In the “castle” zone, the feeling of monumentality and massiveness is created by the selection of colors (dark brown, nut, black), as well as classical furniture and decor – imitation of brickwork on walls, a suspended ceiling with decorative wooden beams, hammered lamps. The general atmosphere is emphasized by decorative plaster on the walls and beige marble slabs on the floor.


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