Cinema in a private house

The photos show the design of the room in a detached house, converted into a home cinema. The task was to create an interior that tunes for appropriate pastime and creates a sense of respectability and coziness.

In the general style of the room-cinema you can feel the influence of the “loft” style. Since the room is planned for a leisure, the colors and texture were selected in order to visually make the room homelike and chamber. For this purpose, the general color palette of the room was chosen – a combination of warm gray and terracotta. The walls are draped with a textured gray cloth – this not only creates an atmosphere, but also does not allow the light to diffuse, improving the quality of the image on the screen. Almost in the middle of the room there is a gray sofa intended for spectators; the multicolored pillows on it serve as bright color spots that “dilute” the overall dark palette. In front of the sofa there is also a dark gray carpet. Right behind the sofa is a bar area with a stand of dark gray marble with white streaks. The bar zone is separated from the general space and at the same time decorated with beams and panels of dark wood. Above the rack there are a number of lamps in the form of light bulbs of various shapes – a recognizable element of the loft style; the impression is enhanced by the combination of an unusual lamp with massive decorative beams and a deliberately rough surface of a tree. The bar zone is complemented by massive bar stools with backs, covered with brown leather.

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