Young couple apartment

The interior design presented in the photos is designed for a young couple, which is reflected in the chosen style – it leans toward the avant-garde. Geometric shapes and bright contrasts dominate in the design. A common background for all rooms is white, but the contrast color varies in different rooms.

In the living room a white background (with elements of gray) is diluted with blue – furniture and decorative elements are selected in this color. This color design creates a feeling of inner peace and tranquility. The textured wall behind the sofa, additionally highlighted by wall lamps  vivifies the interior.

In the kitchen the background is formed by white smooth shiny surfaces – tile works on the walls, floor covering, stretched ceiling with built-in reflective element. The contrasting color is a rich yellow with saffron accent. A few, but expressive color accents, evenly placed in white space, give the interior brightness and liveliness. They are balanced by a few black elements – ready-built kitchen and kitchen extractor. Lightness and mobility are emphasized by simple furnishing (small round table, plastic chairs with bright yellow backs), minimal decor and shiny reflective surfaces.