newlywed apartment

The photos show the interior design of a detached house for a young couple. The decoration in whole is quite eclectic, but at the same time it is harmonious and functional. When developing the design, each room in the house was given its own “face”, so the stylistic, color, compositional solutions vary from room to room. The general principle of decoration unites them – work with textured surfaces. Practically in all rooms there are textured decorative elements – carpets, panels, but three dimensional panels made of plasterboard are most commonly used.

The most eclectic and original room at home is the living room. The living room is decorated in light colors: two neighboring walls are decorated with wooden panels, the third wall is decorated with beige stone, the fourth is occupied by an extensive gypsum board panel with a moderate and smooth relief. The light stretched ceiling has a smooth, moderately reflective surface that enhances the light of the luminaires located along the perimeter. The contrast elements are a blue-green sofa and a turquoise wall panel. Textural contrast is created with a fleecy carp, besides the three-dimensional panel.