Apartment for a family with a daughter

The interior design represented in the photos is implemented in an apartment located in a new building. Spare planning of the apartment allowed creating the as open space as possible, decorated in a total look.

The interior of the apartment is quite complete; all the rooms (except the children’s room) are made in the same color and style. The accent in the interior was made on warm wood and sand shades, the predominance of “natural” colors, natural materials and decor with the use of plant motives.

The space of the living room, dining room and kitchen is conjoint, conditional zoning is carried out due to variations of the hues of the dominant color, the decoration of the walls and the floor. A small dining area is placed in a small relatively isolated space of the former loggia attached to the room. The main colors are sand and beige; in the living area the color is the most intense, and the low-lying chandelier and wall lamps with yellow light lamps make this shade warmer. The floor is laid out with light parquet.