Apartment in a new building for two brothers

The photos show the interior design of an apartment in a multistorey building apartment house of primary building. The whole design of the apartment does not have strongly-pronounced style connections and can be attributed to the contemporary style. Particular attention in the design was given to the room decor.

The peculiarity of the apartment – the presence of two identical neighboring rooms, decorated in a very similar, almost identical way, but in different colors. The background for both rooms is a universal white color.

The first room was decorated with a dark blue color. An abstract print is made in this color on one of the walls, palas matches the color. The rest of the elements, besides the background – furniture, technics and decor – are also couched in white.

In the design of the second room, the color of ocher was used. The print on the wall and the palas are also “color carriers”. The similarity of the design of both rooms is emphasized by the fact that the prints are almost the same- the differences, in addition to color, become visible only after careful examination.

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