Plarium IT company office

The photos show the interior of the office of the Plarium company, engaged in the development of computer games. The main task was to create a modern, unusual and simultaneously functional interior, creating an informal and creative atmosphere.

When decorating the unit, the concept of an “open” office was chosen – a large work space divided into functional areas with a minimum of isolated rooms. Zoning is carried out using furniture, transparent walls, as well as color design. Zones and rooms slip into one another, promoting mobility and facilitating interaction between employees.

The whole color design of the office is built on bright contrasts. Charcoal, light gray and white colors are the background colors. Contrast is created due to pieces of furniture and decorative elements of bright pure colors – red, yellow, light green, and also niche illumination of blue color.

The general style of the interior leans toward high-flow: simple geometric forms prevail, right angles, the design uses metal elements with a shiny chrome surface. However, hi-tech in the interior is “diluted” with bright colors and “green corners” with live plants.

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