restaurant Ciro*s Pomodoro

The design project presented in the photos is implemented in the restaurant of Ciro’s Pomodoro – the Ukrainian branch of the famous Italian restaurant. Branches of Ciro’s Pomodoro are available practically throughout Europe. The task of the designer was to observe the traditions of corporate design, honored in all branches, and at the same time create an original and memorable interior.

Ciro’s Pomodoro is known as a very democratic restaurant. Its target audience is widely divergent- from celebrities to ordinary citizens. The public place was not elite in theory, so excessive delicacies in the interior would be inappropriate. The restaurant is much closer to the concept of a “family place” so the design should be pleasant and discreet – convenience and functionality in this case are more important. Excessive attention to external design is unnecessary and for another reason – a certain style of design has already been developed in the chain of restaurants, and the interior of the new branch, first and foremost, should be recognizable and fit into the whole concept.

A feature element of the interior of all the restaurants of the Ciro’s Pomodoro network is bright red leather armchairs and sofas. In this restaurant traditional red armchairs are also present – tables with “classic” armchairs are in the concert hall. In the neighboring non-smoking room, these same chairs are “duplicated” in white.

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