restaurant India Palace

The interior presented in the photos was designed for a hotel-restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine. The main task was to create an ethnic atmosphere that refers to India and at the same time a practical and cozy interior that softens immersion in a different culture for the visitor.

Indian visual style means an plenty of bright colors and shades, mainly warm, sharp contrasts, high use of ornaments, most often with plant motives. This style may seem too aggressive, so the designer was faced with the task of softeningand adapting it.

The results of the work are especially evident in the main hall of the restaurant. Background colors are yellow (walls) and red-orange (ceiling). The floor is lined with a coating that simulates the wood parquet, and the warm hue of the coating fits well into the whole palette. As contrasting elements, furniture is made in cold shades – cobalt blue, lilac, and also in fuchsia, contrasts sharply with the yellow-orange background as well. All colors are bright and roughly equal in saturation. The plent of colors is balanced by coffee-brown wood elements and a light floor, wood decorated.

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