Complete equipment with components

When working on a project, we simultaneously create a specification of the used equipment, furniture and finishing materials. When developing author’s decisions regarding the planning or furniture elements, the customer receives a full package of necessary technical documentation.

Designer supervision

Our main task is the development of the project and its visualization, but this is not the end of our work. We also monitor the performance during the construction and decoration works. We control all the stages of the implementation of the design project – from purchasing materials to arranging furniture and preparing for the settlement.

If you want to make your apartment or house not only beautiful, but also functional, install the smart house system! Modern technologies will teach your apartment to help you: from your smartphone or tablet you can control light, heating, entry phone system, turn on music or TV and even open curtains. Such systems will help you save a lot of time and effort – especially if it’s a big house. If your house is already repaired and you are afraid of something to damage, you can install a convenient modular system.

If security is important to you, you need a high-quality alarm system. Especially effective it will be completed with video surveillance facilities. We will help you to choose the optimal solution and control all the stages of the installation process.